Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Urban Scrawl Rp

In a city, there is the opportunity to meet others from all walks of life. When you walk these streets, do you ever wonder if these people you see every day in passing will somehow change your life forever?

Name: Avery Reyshall
Gender: Male
Sexuality: bisexual
Description: Medium height and Medium build. He wears his hair in a shaggy hairstyle down to his ears and dyes it once in a while. At the moment, his hair color is brown. he has deep brown eyes, and a tattoo tucked away behind his right ear. The tattoo is of a small bird. he normally just wears jeans and shirts with a leather jacket if it's cold out.
Occupation: Part timer at a dive restaurant and part timer at a music store
History: Avery has lived in the city ever since he graduated high school. He moved from home on the other side of the country to start with something new. He was going to school to be a teacher, since his parents wanted him to do something with his life but soon he decided he wasn't the type for college. He's thought of going back periodically but not for school. for now, he works part time at two jobs and is able to make ends meet. He lives with two roommates,one of which is a graduate and the other is a full time student who works part time.

(I'll add in the roommates as they come up just throw in as many characters as you feel you can handle :) )