Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Avery hurried home after his shift. He walked into the front door of his apartment and threw a bag of things he'd gotten at the music store onto a chair before walking towards the kitchen. Noah poked his head out of the bathroom. "Hey Avery."
"Yo." he replied, getting a glass of water. "How're you?"
"Good. Had a fucking test today that I think I"
Avery grinned from the kitchen and took a drink of water. "Fantastic. Had a date with that kid a few doors down, Sasha."
Avery set the glass down and headed towards his room. "Blond kid...long hair, kind of feminine..." He started changing his shirt, wishing he had time to maybe shower but he figured he didn't smell bad so he would be okay.
"Oh, Yeah I've seen him around school too." Noah replied. Avery left his room and headed for the front door. "Where're you going now?"
"His place. we're gonna watch some movies or something tonight." He replied, opening the door.
"...or something."
"Shut it, dick." Avery called back, laughing a little as he shut the door and headed for Sasha's place. He knocked and ran his fingers through his hair, hoping it didn't look awful.