Saturday, July 9, 2011


"Yes and no," Sasha chuckled, "My parents are from here and I was conceived and born here, but they moved when I was still just a baby. So I lived in Florida until I was ten, then my mom and dad broke up," he shrugged, "they weren't married so mom just moved away with me back home. Dad's a good guy, just not father material and he knew that so he didn't protest. My mother passed away five years ago, but my Dad's still around and we get together almost every summer," he chuckled, "He tries to get me to do 'man' stuff," he did the air quotation marks, "and I try to get him to do...well...'gay' stuff," he smiled wide, "We have fun though. I love him to death. Helped him with a car one summer, that was fun, I actually didn't have 'working on the car/yard/house' clothes, which he found amusing. But one summer I got him to go into a gay bar. He was so uncomfortable at first, but once I got a few drinks in him he calmed down and actually danced. Then we made a game out of how many numbers we could get. And you know what? He beat me! I guess there is something to be said about mature men in tight jeans!" He laughed, "Oh my God I'm rambling aren't I?" He smiled, "I'm so sorry!"