Thursday, July 7, 2011


Sasha gave Avery a mischievous smirk, "Oh, I love wild concerts," in fact he had just the outfit he wanted to wear already coming to mind, "I can't wait. Two dates in as many days, I must be throwing off something charming," he winked before finally digging into his lunch properly. He took the time to eat for a while before he said, "Did you know the IMAX theater at the museum is having a show about dinosaurs. I have been dying to see it. It is in 3D and while I'm not a fan of that format I would love to see how they brought them to life. It might not be as exciting as a mosh pit fueled concert, but, if  you are free this Sunday afternoon would you like to go with me?" Either way he was going to go, but he would love to share the experience with someone else. Also, it would give him an idea about the other things Avery was into.