Friday, July 8, 2011


Sasha gave him a charming smile, "Wonderful," he leaned in a bit closer, "I really am looking forward to Sunday Avery. You just keep making me smile," he reached up and touched Avery's chin lightly, "I hope to do the same to you," he dropped his hand then went back to eating.
Sasha was prone to fall head over heels over someone in a matter of seconds and that was clearly happening now with Avery. Though he didn't know anything about him he felt calm and comfortable around him. However, he had vowed to try and take things slower after a nasty showdown and a slap from a guy he had bedded and thought them a couple after just two days. He didn't want to rush things though, but his libido was trying to do the talking for him and all he could seem to focus on was Avery's lips. They way they moved when he talked and ate and God would they look that good wrapped around my-
"Stop it," he whispered under his breath, looking down at his plate, taking the time to calm himself.