Monday, June 6, 2011


(I'm not sure how you want to go about this, I assume you just post a new topic each time and don't use the comments as a way to do the rp...if its something else let me know :) )

Avery stepped quickly down the side walk towards the apartment complex he shared with his roommates downtown. Though he was in no hurry, his steps were paced rather quickly anyways out of habit. With a pair of headphones on, he was listening to some oldies and letting his eyes wander as he went. He was coming back from his job at the music store, only to change and grab a bite to eat before heading out to his other job at The Roxy, a dive located just off the main thoroughfare that ran through the heart of downtown. He didn't mind the double shift, but was also thankful he didn't have them nearly every day. Avery paused on a street corner to wait for the light to change and he glanced around, noticing that he was passing by one of the schools that inhabited the area. He sighed a little over it, as he did once in a while, and wondered (as he sometimes did when passing the college) if maybe he had stayed and completed his schooling. He didn't have to do anything with it when he was done, really and he knew that. It would just be an accomplishment, something he could say he had done and be proud of. Even though I've got plenty to be proud of myself, he thought as he crossed the street.