Friday, June 17, 2011


Sasha woke up the next morning feeling awful. He was pretty sure it was the jar of pickles he had for dinner last night. He sat up, vowing to eat a good breakfast. He stretched and let out a popping yawn. He wondered if he should go knock on Avery's door, see if he wanted to grab a bite with him. Then he wondered if that was too soon. They had just officially met yesterday. He didn't want to look desperate for friendship...even though he was. He decided he would shower and dress and decide on the way out the door.
Dressed in tight black jeans and a yellow blouse with ruffles down the buttons he stopped right outside of Avery's door and just looked at it. The guy did say he worked late and then he was going to meet up with his friends. He could be sleeping right now, refreshing from a long night of rowdy patrons and rollicking fun time with his friends. He sighed and decided to just leave him be. He turned to walk away.