Sunday, June 12, 2011


"Not at all," Sasha smiled as he started to fish for his keys, "please don't worry about it. I am enjoying our little talk," he nodded an affirmative to Avery, "I hope we can talk again. Let's not make plans then see them fall through. I really would like to hang with you," he grinned, "you're a pretty laid back guy it seems," he pulled out his keys, one car, one house, one mail and a bunch of charms and key chains. One of the charms was a panda, just like on his phone, "Here let me give you my cell number and you can call me when you have a day off," he started digging around his messenger bag again until he found an old receipt and a pen. He quickly wrote down his digits and his name, the cursive 'S' a large dramatic flourish, "here," he handed the paper over, "you can call just to talk too if you want," he smiled kindly.