Monday, June 13, 2011


"Yeah, thanks. Good luck with your homework...if you have any-" Avery was replying with when he suddenly saw Mikel poke his head out the door of their apartment, looking until he saw Avery.
"Hey! Dude, I thought I heard you." He came up and nodded to Sasha before looking at Avery. "I got a call from Joel just an hour ago. There's a run going on here downtown."
"No shit really?! It's been forever since we've gone on one. Where?"
"The Northwest. More specifically, the Pearl District." Avery's face fell visibly and Mikel nodded in agreement. "I know. I told him they were crazy but he insisted. They've started running down and started marking everything there."
"I thought..." He paused and eyed Sasha, wondering if he should say any more in front of him then decided it didn't matter, so long as they didn't outright say it. "I thought we agreed that place was off limits because it's too risky?"
Mikel shrugged. "They wanted more of a rush I suppose."
"Well...I've got work tonight, when's this supposed to go down? Is Noah joining in too?"
Mikel shrugged. "I don't know. He's got class till nine and it's supposed to start at eleven. He could make it, but he's got a shit ton of homework. I'm lucky I don't have work, but..."
"yeah, it's a risk." Avery paused, chewing a little on his lip. "I've got work until 10:30, but I'm so close I could catch up to you guys in no time, especially if I take my bike."
"It'll be an easy escape for you if the cops come." Mikel laughed and threw his fist to Avery's shoulder. "You'll be able to cover more ground too..."
"Will anybody else be on bikes?"
"I don't know. probably not."
"I'll just walk. It'll be fine." Avery said, nodding. He paused. "Shit! Okay, I've got to get ready and go to work." He looked back to Sasha and winked. "I'll call you about that show. We'll keep in touch." he promised and began walking back to his, Mikel, and Noah's apartment.