Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Sasha had just said good night to his daughter and talked to her mother for a little bit before he logged off. He had an odd relationship with his daughter's mother Jamie. She had been the last woman he was with before he finally decided that, though he was Bi, he liked males more. They were still friends, but Jamie had kept his little panda, Amanda from him for two years, moving to Seattle for a new job before finally saying anything. He understood her reasoning, she knew he never intended to be a father, but she was very happy in motherhood, she had started dating another man and her life, with the new job, baby and boyfriend was just better. Sasha wasn't upset, but he still felt a bit shafted. Amanda knew he was her father and she loved him just as much as he loved her, they just couldn't see each other often and he hated that. The first time he was able to see her they went to the zoo and she went crazy over the pandas and since she was still in her chubby baby stage the name little panda just stuck. Sasha missed her very much.