Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Avery was keeping watch while Mikel started tagging the lower corner of a building, hiding it away just enough so it wasn't completely hidden, but not obvious either. He looked over at Noah who was adjusting his stencils in his bag and finding a full can for his next tag. even in the dark lighting, Avery could see the slightly blue tint to every can inside. They all stuck with the same color for both groups. The other group had deep purple, while they had gotten blue. dark colors that wouldn't be so obvious for tracking if the police decided to try and hunt them down through the art store they bought the cans from. "Did Joel say anything to either of you about why we're going after the tags here and not just go across the river and try to find stuff there?"
Noah shrugged. "As far as I know, it wasn't completely his decision. He wasn't too keen on the idea but everyone else has been feeling like we're behind and if they've got the balls to do something like this, then I guess they felt we had something to prove back to them."
Avery sighed and shook his head. a pair of headlights flashed across a few buildings from far off. He gave a low whistle, loud enough for Mikel to hear and Mikel's form stopped moving, moving back into the shadows. the car turned and Avery waved his hand to indicate it had turned and the sound of spraying could be heard again. Mikel was soon finished and they stuck the cans bak into his pack along with his stencil. They went hunting for more marks. "Is this the main area they stuck to?"
Mikel shook his head. "No, they went clear up into the neighborhood."
"there isn't much up there to tag but houses and maybe some of the bridges."
"We know." Noah said and rolled his eyes. "They went far out of their way to do this. I'm not sure what they're getting at. they've never done this before."
Avery looked at Noah. "Not even before I joined up?"
"No, that's what's so odd about this." Mikel answered for Noah. "They've always had that rule in place. No going into the rich NW part of town because there's no point. they clean stuff so fast that even if you don't get caught, there's hardly a chance you'll get there fast enough to paint over what they've done. Still it's just a game we play. I suppose we don't have to be doing this, but like Noah said, everyone felt like they had something to prove."
With a small sigh, Avery shoved his hands into his coat pocket. "Well, might as well get into the spirit then...we just going to look or do we have another place we know of?"
"There's one down on Kearney...Joel said somebody saw it tucked away."
With a nod, he lead the way, calling back softly with, "Pull out my stencil, Noah. I'm going after you do..." as they went on.