Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sticking together, the three of them all went wandering. After hitting a few known tags, they decided to wander. It was getting to be late, and Avery checked his watch. "It's two in the morning guys. Should we check in with Joel and then maybe head back? Most of the ones we've seen are pretty much marked up."
Noah and Mikel nodded as they put away a stencil and a can of paint. All three of them had deep blue fingers from spray painting and when they didn't have to use them, they stuck them into their pockets to hide them. Noah glanced down the street. "I've got class tomorrow too."
Mikel volunteered and called Joel on his cell. Apparently, everyone wanted to stay out and look some more, but Joel was even thinking of heading out. After talking a bit, Mikel hung up. "Everyone's still hyped up, but we might as well go if we have to." With that, they began heading back. Not long after that, Mikel got a phone call from Joel almost immediately. "Hello?"
They paused as some frantic and fast talking happened through the earpiece and Mikel's eyes widened. "Uh-huh...ok we'll head out right now. Be safe. Bye."
"What's up?" Avery asked, feeling nervous about the face that Mikel wore.
"They caught a few people spraying up into the hills area and around here. Joel just got few calls from everyone who got away safe. We'd better get a move on if we don't want to get caught too."
Quickly, they walked back towards the SW area. They didn't run, only kept to themselves and kept their heads down. The less suspicious they looked the better. After a few scares with some cops who were patrolling around (the number of htem had increased, only confirming that they were on the look out for more), they managed to make it close enough to home that they could relax. They walked easily, not getting back until about three in the morning. They headed down the hallway and into their apartment where they said good night and fell asleep, but forgot to wash the paint from his hands. It wasn't quite a close call that night, but Avery knew he'd have to be careful from then on.