Monday, June 6, 2011


Sasha groaned as he stepped off the curb and followed the crowd as the crossed the street. He was digging through his messenger bag, looking for his cell phone. He was sure he had brought it with him, but now he couldn't find it. He needed to call his advisor and set up a meeting for adding another major. He needed to do it now, while he was thinking about it, or he would more than likely forget.
He felt the edge of his phone's case, it was bright yellow as he pulled it out. The charms, a strawberry, panda bear and pink diamond shaped jewel jangled as he dialed. He wasn't looking and his toe hit the curb on the other side of the road and he tripped, landing on two people and taking them out with him. His phone went flying and he looked up just as it hit a young man on the back of the head.
Sasha was whispering apologies to the people he had toppled and was helping up the woman, a girl in his trig class he noticed, as he waved at Avery, "Sorry about the phone dude!" His voice was deeper than one would expect from his appearance. He smiled at the woman and once he was steady he went over to Avery and picked up his phone from its place at his feet, "Sorry," he gave him a lopsided embarrassed grin.