Monday, June 20, 2011


Avery was in fact, still in bed but he was not quite asleep. Still feeling a bit groggy, he had woken up not long ago but laid in bed. He sat up and rubbed the back of his head then glanced at the clock, immediately flying out of bed when he saw what time it was. "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT" He cursed under his breath as he began throwing clothes on. Not having time for a shower or to even get breakfast, he stuck some deoderant on and washed his face quickly before grabbing everything and running out the door, nearly running into Mikel who was meandering for the bathroom after being woken up by Avery's banging around.
"Fuck Avery..." Mikel grumbled as Avery shot past him. With a rushed apology, Avery bounded out the front door and rushed down the hall and down the steps to the open door. Hopefully, he wouldn't miss the street car and be even later than he already was. Halfway down, he nearly ran into Sasha. "OH shit!" He cried. "Sorry dude...I woke up late so I'm in a bit of a hurry." He apologized then smiled at him and continued past him. He turned the corner then stopped. After thinking a moment he ran back to the corner and smiled at him. "What are you doing for lunch today?"