Thursday, June 9, 2011


Avery shrugged a little. "Whatever happens to be going on at the time. There's a lot of cheap things to do in this town, but I think what I mainly spend my money and time doing is going to shows, clubs a little, and just wandering." He grinned. "Especially when there's a lot of people around. People watching is more of a hobby than anything for me." He chuckled and flipped his hair back. "My hobbies are a bit odd in general, but they're not boring that's for sure." He left out some other things he did in his spare time. Tagging, stenciling, wandering all hours of the night despite the fact that he had work in the early morning, anythign to keep life alive for him. Avery knew he couldn't spill his more outlandish pastimes just yet. I might just scare Sasha away.