Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Avery had rushed to work, nearly making himself late in the process. He worked, chatted with customers, and did it all as he normally did, but he was thinking in his head. Why did Joel and everyone want to follow up on marking after the other group? A better question was why did they suddenly decide to forgo one of their main rules and go to one of the most uptight and rich part of downtown and start tagging? He knew he could quit this at any time. it was mostly supposed to be all in fun and nothing serious, but he couldn't help but find this odd.
The way the group worked, was they would all get together, each group separately, and go on tagging runs. it was sort of a game, made up of people who knew people who would go out and do this sort of thing, and they would mark and tag up buildings, trains, and more. they each kept a tally of how much each side had, which ones were tagged over, and which ones were cleaned up before anybody could get to them. At the end of each month, they would get together and display the "score" to everybody, both groups included. At the end of the year, they would claim victory for the year and not only have bragging rights, but also the pleasure to be the first group to start the next year off. Avery had not been a part of the group long enough to see a year go by yet, but he had been doing it long enough to know the rules, the risks, and the people well. Never meant to be destructive with it, they always tried to put them in places that didn't seem so important but nevertheless, nobody seemed to like a tagging in general.
That night, with his stomach in knots, Avert left work trying to think of where they might have gone downtown. where they could have felt safe enough to tag something in that part of town. He felt really nervous making his way down there, but he seemed to find everyone alright and he spotted Joel, Mikel, and even Noah. Apparently, Noah decided this was worth skipping some of his homework for.